From Lisbon based developers, for the game industry everywhere, connecting the portuguese gamming scene to the world.

Who We Are

From Lisbon based developers, for the game industry everywhere, connecting the portuguese gamming scene to the world.

Game Dev Lisbon is a collective founded on the idea of local action with international reach. We are exactly what we say: a group of Lisbon based game developers, that want to grow their community reach to more then other devs, opening up the communication doors to the other roles that make our industry flourish.

Our goal is to create a space where connections between different sides of our industry, belonging to different circles, can be developed. By sharing opportunities, goals and knowledge in a professional forum, we hope to promote a safe, engaging and thriving space for debate, growth and showcasing our talent to each other and the world around us.


Upcoming Events

Event organising is at the heart of our project. Stay tuned for our upcoming events.

meeting aand greeting

Game Dev Meet & Greet

Meeting & Greeting, Lisboa
07:00 PM, 15 July 2022

In this hot weather that afflict us, let's refresh and socialize, share a cold beverage and experiences. Where ? At Meeting & Greeting! Join Us this Friday at 19:00 and bring your laptop if it hasn't melted yet!


Game Dev Camp 2022

08:00 AM, Autumn 2022

Connecting the portuguese gaming scene to the world. By the community, for the community

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Past Events

Check our past events and activities.

south bay meetup

Game Dev Lisbon - South Bay Meetup

05:00 PM, 27 May, 2022

Who said you can't have two meets in one month? Come join us May 27 and enjoy a chill, informal, get together in a cool coffee place in Almada, with an amazing view over Lisbon. Where exactly in Almada is this meetup?

Boca do Vento, a coffee with a panoramic view over Lisbon, right on the top of the elevator and next to Casa da Cerca. A lovely place to end the week.

Elevador Panorâmico Boca Do Vento

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lisbon_meet 2

Game Dev Lisbon - Popcorn Premiere

07:00 PM, 13 May, 2022

Game Dev Lisbon - Popcorn Premiere is our first showcasing and networking event for the game industry everywhere, organized by Lisbon based game developers. We encourage everyone curious about our industry to show up especially those working in it, from development, marketing and journalists to the students that are the new voices of our craft.

Gala Gala - Rua dos Douradores, 120

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Game Dev Lisbon Founders

These are the people behind the scenes.

Mafalda Duarte

Studio Director & Producer, Ambassador Coordinator, Teacher, Volunteer. 

Tiago Marques

Head of Mobile, Game Designer, Founder, Volunteer.

Rui Humberto 

Programmer, Teacher, Organizer, Volunteer.

Sara Batista

Game Developer, Founder, Teacher, Volunteer.

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